A practical exercise in improving your finances

$111 Challenge: How can you make an extra of $111 every week?

You can start saving and investing if you solve this puzzle and apply winning ideas in your life

You will create lots of ideas to make an extra of $111 every week (or £111 if you are in the UK).

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Your brain works much better when you give it a specific challenge or puzzle to solve.

So, this is your puzzle: Making an extra of $111 every week.

You will create at least 20 ideas to make this happen.

Consider as many options as you can: Part-time, consulting, teaching, online work options, entrepreneurial pursuits, Airbnb, Uber, Patreon, writing, creating assets, investing, ways of saving more…

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Associate Professor in Business & Leadership at University of East Anglia. Passionate about doodling, imagination, and creativity. Author of Self-Making Studio.

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