Creative Adventures — 61

What Would You Do?

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Ted Chiang has a science fiction story titled “The Merchant and The Alchemist’s Gate” where Fuwaad ibn Abbas uses a time machine to go back 20 years to fix a mistake he has done. I am inspired by this story and I would like to pose you the following challenge:

  1. Would you use this opportunity to go back 20 years in time? You will have your current perspective and experiences of course. …

Solve your problems using your notebook.

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In this article, I will present 15 sample inspirational pages from my notebooks. All of these pages deal with my emotional landscape, the challenges I have faced, and the solutions I have created.

500+ Exercises Involving Circles and Doodles

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The 30 Circles Test, developed by Stanford Creativity Researcher Bob McKim, is widely used in creative industries. You first draw 30 circles and then turn each of them into a different recognizable object. It is a fascinating and engaging method to exercise your imagination, work with constraints, and sharpen your mind.

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In this exercise, you will write yourself two letters of imagination.

Your Letter to Your 15-Year-Old Self

The first letter will be addressed to your 15-year-old self.

Eight Practical Strategies For Happiness, Creativity, and Productivity

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During the pandemic lockdowns, our lives have turned more anxious, demanding, and barren than ever. We have been experiencing what Adam Grant calls ‘languishing’ — ‘a sense of stagnation and emptiness’. Amongst the huge fear and losses we have been going through, we have all had trouble concentrating, making progress, or experiencing joy.

Doodling Is Fun, Relaxing, and Refreshing

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You might have an interest in drawing, but you have not yet demonstrated any progress. You might be thinking: I cannot draw. I tried before, but I did not like what I came up with. Why is drawing so hard? Why can’t I make progress? Why are my drawings dismal? Perhaps I am not creative. I want to draw, but I do not know how and where to start.

New Doodle Adventures From My Notebook

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In this post, I will present you with seven fresh reflective exercises from my notebook. Each of these exercises is presented in the form of doodles or notes in a diary.

What is reflection?

Reflection is a method of experiential learning where you step back from your direct experiences, try to make sense of them, and turn them into deeper learning in order to develop your own personal and professional practice. It helps you to focus on the ways in which you understand, develop, and apply your learning in new situations.

What are the benefits of reflection?

Reflection helps you…

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Today, I have just realized that I have 333 articles published on Medium so far. I have written 320 of these articles during the last 14 months — during the pandemic lockdowns. This was one of the most surprising things I have ever done in my life — I ended up surprising myself. I would have never expected that I could write so many articles.


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This exercise does not actually require imagination: We are already living with climate change.

  • We have…


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In this exercise, you will imagine that you will write right now, or you will die. In a way, this is true anyway. If we do not write and create regularly, there will come a day that we will die without sharing our stories with the world. I believe withholding our stories from the world is a tremendous waste of our talent and creativity. That is why I present some writing exercises today that will create urgency for you.

  1. Go to the Write or Die website. This website has an unforgiving app that forces…

Fahri Karakas

Associate Professor in Business & Leadership at University of East Anglia. Passionate about doodling, imagination, and creativity. Author of Self-Making Studio.

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