There Is A Different Book In Every Room In My House

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One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I have not read many fiction books when I was younger. I was way too focused on being successful at school and in exams. I wanted to be successful in the mainstream and traditional way.

I have always focused on achieving one goal after another. Work, work, work. Endless goals to conquer. Impossibly long checklists to go through.

There was no time for creativity and reading fiction. I neglected and suppressed my creative side for years. I did not find any time for reading fiction books. I focused on reading…

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Look at the top 25 highest-grossing media franchises in the world today. From Hello Kitty to Mickey Mouse, from Star Wars to Disney Princesses, from Harry Potter to Marvel, each of these brands is worth more than 17 billion dollars. Pokemon is worth more than $92 billion at the top. The fascinating thing is that all of these brands were created through the sheer power of imagination.

If you want to be super-successful in today’s world, you need to be creative and imaginative. Imagination is the biggest source of asset creation in today’s world. Imagination has become one of the…

This Is Your Most Important and Urgent Mission

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David Baldacci has written mystery novels every night between 22.00 and 2 a.m. Although he was a lawyer, he turned himself into a superhero at night. He continued this writing practice every night for 20 years. He has published 40 books using this method. He is one of the best-selling authors in the world in the area of mystery novels and thrillers.

Nas Daily produces 1-minute videos every day — he has done it for 1000 consecutive days without skipping any day. He has given himself 24-hour deadlines. He never broke the chain and he produced 1000 videos in 1000…

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I have recently watched the first movie of “The Maze Runner” trilogy on Disney+.

Apocalyptic teen movies and series seem to be very hot these days, and The Maze Runner is one of them — albeit a well-crafted one.

Thomas finds himself in a glade, along with a group of 30–40 boys. They are at the center of a vast and complicated maze, which has moving walls and terrible beasts (‘grievers’).

He has lost his memory, just like the other boys, so they have no idea what is going on and why they are trapped in this glade. …

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I have decided that I would watch some classic animation movies after I switched from Netflix to Disney+.

Pixar’s 1998 movie, “A Bug’s Life” was on my ‘watch later’ list for a decade or so. I am glad that I finally watched this masterpiece.

It is a great adventure movie with universal messages on teamwork, bullying, hope, and creativity.

A Bug’s Life — Trailer

Flik is a misfit — an inventive ant who frequently messes up things. He loses the food that was spared for grasshopper bullies, who then threaten the colony to double the amount of their food or…

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Image Courtesy of Disney and Pixar, Image Source

It is official now: I have stopped my Netflix subscription today and switched to Disney+. I have so many creative movies and series that I wish to catch up on Disney+. The first one I have chosen was this Pixar movie: Soul.

I loved watching this movie as it unleashes your imagination to new levels. I loved its surreal elements, non-linear plotting, ambitious storytelling, and timeless wisdom. It has surely felt animated, wonderful, and spiritually rich.

Soul — Trailer

Joe is a middle-aged African-American jazz musician in New York. His passion is music, but he is also a good teacher…

Creative Adventures — 14

You Are Part Of NASA’s Perseverance Mission

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Another historical day! NASA has now successfully landed its Perseverance rover on Mars. This is a deep and wide crater (28-mile-wide) near the planet’s equator called Jezero. Jezero held a giant lake billions of years ago. In the upcoming weeks, the six-wheeled rover will drill into the local rocks in the ancient river delta looking for evidence of past microbial life. This is a crucial mission to prepare the way for future human visitors.

You can see the first picture as Perseverance rover touches down on Mars (below):


How Would You Use This Superpower?

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Telepathy is the ability to read the minds of others. The word telepathy comes from the Greek: ‘Tele’ means ‘distant’ and ‘patheia’ means ‘feeling’ or ‘perception’. So, telepathy is the direct transmission of information from one person to another without using any sensory channels or physical interaction.

There is no convincing scientific evidence yet that telepathy exists. However, telepathy has always been a super-power sought by spiritualists, psychologists, mentalists, and magicians. For example, magicians like Oz Pearlman are famous for (seemingly) reading the thoughts of their subjects and they make enormous amounts of money by showcasing this unique talent. …

To Understand The Zeitgeist Of Our Times

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We Live in Interesting Times

Do you also feel hyped, anxious, and tired over the rate of technological innovations we are witnessing nowadays? It looks like we are now experiencing a breakthrough innovation almost every week now, and it is becoming almost impossible to keep up with the latest developments.

The 2020s are disruptive times and we are about to see a remarkable decade full of technological innovation and revolution. Self-driving cars, 3D printing, smart homes, self-repairing robots, voice assistant technologies, flying cars, new generation rockets, spaceships… You name it.

The Scary Truth: AI Is Coming For Our Jobs

As artificial intelligence is expected to replace 40% of all jobs in the next 15…


Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5

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‘The End of Jobs’ by Taylor Pearson has been a wake-up call for me. As I am teaching Employability modules at UEA and the University of Cambridge PKP Programme, I have done a lot of research on the future of jobs. The picture is not pretty. Due to the advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning, many future jobs are at risk.

Pearson argues we have entered a new era of entrepreneurial revolution and being an entrepreneur is currently the safest way to meaningful work and financial freedom. Rapid technological advances have changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth and…

Fahri Karakas

Associate Professor in Business & Leadership at University of East Anglia. Passionate about doodling, imagination, and creativity. Author of Self-Making Studio.

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