Time Travel Through Success: Unveiling 200 Years Of Evolution, From 1924 To 2124

Fahri Karakas
40 min readFeb 29, 2024
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

In this article, you will leap into a time machine on success and achievement.

I will be using AI to witness 200 years of mind-blowing trends or innovations on success, peak performance, and achievement.

We will travel 100 years back, and then 100 years forward.

Are you ready for this mind-blowing journey?

A magnificent journey through time. Powered by artificial intelligence.

Prompt 1: Traveling Back in Success (1924–2024)

“You will travel 100 years back in relation to success and achievement (a multidisciplinary journey). Trends, milestones, or innovations on success and achievement (including progress, accomplishment, peak performance, performance, goals, focus, achievement, flow experience, creativity, self, self-confidence, enthusiasm, vision, influence, drive, effort, consistency, perseverance, rewards, efforts, fame, gain, fortune, fulfillment, victory, triumph, etc.) What were the biggest changes, milestones, or trends? 100 hyper-specific, surprising, mind-blowing and niche things I absolutely need to know about the history of success and achievement (past 100 years). 1924 to 2024. Each must be explained with evidence and/or examples. Surprise…



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