What London West End’s Musicals Taught Me on Creativity

11 London West-End Musical Trailers Included

Fahri Karakas


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When I started my academic job at the University of East Anglia’s London campus in 2012, we have started to live and experience the city of London with all its glories and attractions.

I still remember the first time my wife Sertac and I went to a London musical. It was on the 9h of February in 2012 and we went to Billy Elliot musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s West End.

I cannot forget how much I was impressed by the whole magical experience.

How come a musical is so magical and impressive?

I think it is a complex formula unleashed by a mix of factors including:

  • live music and orchestra,
  • a very talented cast and acting team,
  • fascinating choreography and dances,
  • captivating set design,
  • top quality screenwriting,
  • authentic costume design,
  • beautiful singing, and
  • inspiring storytelling.

Billy Elliot was one of London’s leading West End musicals focusing on the dreams and passions of a boy in North East England struggling in the midst of miners’ strike, family and community strife.

Billy Elliott was nominated for 9 Laurence Olivier Awards, winning four, including Best New Musical. It went international from Australia to Broadway winning several international awards.

Billy Elliot is a motherless British boy who begins taking ballet lessons. The musical is about Billy’s personal struggles and successes in the context of family challenges and community strife during the 1984–85 UK miners’ strike in Durham.

I still remember the song and dance titled “Electricity” at the end of the musical. It was pure magic. When talking about his passion for dancing, Billy describes a strong magical…



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